quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Shalador's Lady - Anne Bishop

Encontra-se na lista do New York Times bestsellers, o novo livro de Anne Bishop "Shalador's Lady" cujo cenário é o da Trilogia das Joias Negras. Este será o 8º volume desse mundo!

Mal posso estar para estar ver o Daemon novamente! :) Que saudades!

On chapter 2:

“Just relax,” Jaenelle said. “I’m almost done. By tomorrow you’ll be your usual wonderful self, and if you can remember that you’re a grownup, you should be able to get through the last day of your nephew’s visit without doing any more damage to yourself.”

Her hands glided over his back, more a caress than a Healer’s touch.

“You’re not relaxing,” she said.

“I’m very relaxed,” Daemon purred. Most of him, anyway. He’d been sore enough that he hadn’t focused on anything besides not hurting. Now he was aware of a few other things.

“No, you’re not.”

He heard the concern in her voice. That meant she was looking at him as a Healer and not a woman--and he wanted the woman’s attention.

“Sweetheart, you’re sitting on my ass. There are parts of me that find that very interesting and don’t want to relax yet.”

“I am not sitting on your ass,” Jaenelle huffed. “I’m straddling you to work on your back.”

“You’re close enough that I can tell you’re not wearing anything under that shift, so I call that sitting.”

“And you can tell what I’m not wearing because…?”

“When you brush against me, it tickles.”

A too-thoughtful pause. “You’re awfully sassy all of a sudden.”

“Blame it on my beautiful wife.”

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