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The brothers LionHeart - Excertos

The brothers Lionheart is one of Astrid Lindgren's finest stories. A best-seller across the world, it is loved by generations of adults and children.


"- Did you know that I'm going to die? - I said, and I wept.
Jonathan thought for a moment. Perhaps he didn't really want to answer, but in the end he said:
- Yes, I know.
Then I cried even more.
- How can things be so terrible - I asked - How can things be so terrible that some people have to die, when they're not even ten years old?
- You know, Rusky, I don't think it's that terrible - said Jonathan - I think you'll have a marvellous time.
- Marvellous - I said - It is marvellous to lie under the ground and be dead?
- Oh - said Jonathan - It's only your shell that lies there, you know? You yourself fly away somewhere quite different.
- Where? - I asked - because I could hardly believe him.
- To Nangiyala - he said.
- To Nangiyala - he just threw out the word as if it were something everyone in the world knew. But at the time, I had never heard it mentioned before.
- Nangiyala? - I said - Where's that?
Then Jonathan said that he wasn't quite certain about that, but it was somewhere on the other side of the stars. And he began to tell me about Nangiyala, so that one almost felt like flying there at once."
(chapter 1 - page 1)

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