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(O livro é narrado na primeira pessoa, por Cathy)

A história de 4 irmãos:
Christopher / Chris – 15 anos
Cathy – 12 anos
Cory and Carrie – Gémeos de 5 anos

"We were going to live in a house as big and rich as a palace.
In that palace so grand, where servants waited on you hand and foot, we would be introduced to King Midas, who would soon die, and then we would have all the money, to put the world at our feet. We were stepping into riches beyond belief! I would be just like a princess!
Yet, why didn't I feel really happy?"

"Safe room? We were going to sleep, all of us, in only one room? In a grand, rich house with twenty, thirty, forty rooms, we were going to stay in one room? Even so, no that I gave it more thought, I didn't want to be in a room alone in this mammoth house.
'Put the two girls in one bed, and the two boys in the other', the grandmother ordered."
(p. 42)

"'Why can't we go outside?' screamed Carrie, doubling up her fists and beating them against my chest. 'We-ee don't like it here! Where is Momma? Where is the sunshine? Where did the flowers go? Why is it so hot?"
(p. 68)

" All the days dragged by. Monotonously.
What did you do with time when you had it in super abundance? Where did you put your eyes when you had already seen everything? What direction should your thoughts take, when daydreams could lead you into so much trouble?"

(p. 104)

"Patience. I coloured patience grey, hung over with black clouds. I coloured hope yellow, just like the sun we could see for a few short morning hours. Too soon the sun rose high in the sky and disappeared from view, leaving us bereft, and staring at blue."
(p. 128)

" 'Cathy', said Cory in a small whisper while Carrie nodded off to sleep, 'I don't like not having a momma any more.'
'You do have a momma - you have me'
'Are you as good as a real momma?'
'Yes, I think I am. I love you very much, Cory and that's what makes a real mother.'
(p. 148)

"Fools - that's what we'd been! Damnend fools
We'd never win her over! She'd always consider us Devil's spawn! As far as she was concerned, we really didn't exist"
(p. 172)

" ' How many times have you allowed your brother to use your body?' shot out the grandmother. I just stood there, unable to speek, not comprehending what she meant. "
(p. 222)

" 'All the money in the world isn't worth the days of living we've lost!' I flared back. "
(p. 255)

" ' Chris, what we did just now- was it sinful?'
Again, he cleared his throat. 'If you think it so, then it was.'
What kind of answer was that? (...)"
(p. 302)

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Diana Marques disse...

parece interessante este livro, pelo menos gostei das passagens.
eu já vou no segundo livro da trilogia...não consigo parar! lol *

ClaudiaV disse...

Olá Diana!

Tu estás uma devoradora de Anne Bishop! E ainda bem que estás a adorar! :)

Ainda ontem a Monica R. me ligou só para dizer que tinha ido comprar "A Joia Perdida" de Anne Bishop (que saiu esta semana) e que já tinha passado, antes de jantar, das 80 páginas e que estava a adorar.

Em relação a "Flowers in the Attic" posso tentar tirar da net em inglês e enviar-te. Em português vou ter mesmo de esperar que a minha amiga me empreste novamente e eu faça (com paciencia) um scan das páginas.